Curtis Bevington

Willie & Jean Altemose

David & Wanda Kerr

Dan Foronda, Regis Wasiecko

Tony Santos

Gathering in the hospitality room

Dan Foronda

Los Toros Banner

John and Marjorie Simpson

Marie Katrancha, Wynette & Jim Barcikowski, Ralph Heath

Dianne Hughes

Joe and Sis Bowers

Dave Kerr, telling how great his wife is!

Wayne & Lucille Hughart

Nolan and Nona Watson

John Simpson, Jon Mattingly

Joe Bowers

Ron Frankovich and ?wife?

Members attending the 2015 reunion

Lillian Phaup and Esther Heath

Raffle time!

Getting ready to load up the bus

Inside the Ryman Auditorium

Joe Bowers, Tony Santos, Dan Foronda

Winners! Artie & Maruja Kindred

Ron Snelling

Inside the Country Music Hall of Fame

two ladies look at pics

A beautiful bed cover made by Esther Heath

Car in the Country Music Hall of Fame

The "Batman building"

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  1. By Golly Miss Molly… Lily Phaup is still a “Doll” (Ittsa Good Thing that Jon is Air Force – or I’d go after Lily in half-a-minute!!!) And had Y’all told me Nolan and Nona were going to be in Nashville… I woulda summoned-up Elvis’ ghost to get me there by “Spiritual Intervention”! And… I hope everyone got to see that gigantic “Atrium” that I saw “On-Line” when I was “checking” on Nashville… and its multitutonous “Live Music” joints! (I’ve been a New Orleans Jazz and Dixieland fan since 1945/46 when the Famous Jack Teagarden and Band played “Live” right around the corner from my Hollywood High School… “they” let us stand in the alcohol-soaked door-way and watch Jack slide that Trombone better than the Tommy Dorsey Band and even Glenn Miller!) You “Old Guys” might relate(?)

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