Curtiss Bevington, Dan Foronda

Fred Madden, Ed Saiz - Crash & Rescue!

Jim Barcikowski

Lt Col David Wells, retired

Joe and Sis Bowers

John Simpson, Sue Taylor

Artie n Maruja Kindred

Hanging out in a casino

Bill Vickery pondering deep thoughts

Artie Kindred, Dennis Galt

Bob Allen and others in the hospitality room

Fred & Michele Madden

Ron Frankovich saying important things

Wayne Hughart, Bob Allen, Nolan Watson

Jim & Eunice Hester

Dave Wells et al eating

Marie, The Sterkenburgs, Sue Taylor

The Beautiful Grand Canyon

Bill & Margo Vickery

Bob Sterkenburg, Michele Madden

Rt: Dianne Hughes, Lt: Marcia Sterkenburg

Dan Foronda, Joe Bowers, Dianne Hughes

Marie Katrancha

Hospitality room stuff

Eunice Hester

Having a grand old time!

Margo Vickery wondering what Bill is pondering

Going to the Pawn Stars Store

Going to Nellis AFB

Margo and Rick Harrison!

Waiting outside

Jon Manning, Lillian Phaup, Bill & Margo Vickery

Nellis AFB Thunderbirds hangar

Group photo in front of a training plane

Testosterone Poisoning

Go ahead.... I dare you

Our Reunion Pictures Lady, Esther Heath

Michele Madden, The Enforcer

Ed Saiz w Maddens resized

Fred & Michele Madden and Ed Saiz

Los Toros and a Thunderbird!

Los Toros and a Thunderbird!

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  1. Missed another “River Walk” and tour of Lackland (and time with friends) at the San Antonio Reunion (Heart Problems)… but was relieved when Cedars Sinai Doc (Best in the World!) approved my 4 hour drive to Lost Wages!!! He had just pushed a new Aortic Valve up my groin and into my heart and “Promised” me 10 – 20 more years!
    New Orleans “Main Entrance” fooled me and I almost died “Bagging-it” to the “Front-Desk”… but – “Room Service” was great and both Lily & Dianne carried me to our Reunion HQs where I saw lottsa “Good Friends” and learned what a nice/kind intelligent speaker Dan Foranda is! and, as usual Esther was giving-away her beautiful hand-made gifts (my USAF box is displayed under my “Big TV” and I sleep every night under Esther’s Air Force blanket!)… And – I do remember getting emotional and choking a bit when Dan let me give a talk about friends and comradarie and our collective lives. etc, etc. > Sorry the new valve kept me from Nashville… but i want to drive “Neighbor”, Dennis Galt to the AF Academy (in August?) for our 2016 Reunion and share Sedona, Grand Canyon, Durango, Pagosa Springs and The Rockies with the Old Coot!!! (Wish us “LUCK”!)

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