John Cardinali

Lt: Herbert Chersonsky, Rt: Nolan Watson

Tom & Rose Gajeski

Bob & Marcia Sterkenburg

Ralph Heath, Nolan Watson, Jim Hester

E Heath, S Taylor, Watsons, M Katrancha, B Sterkenburg, J Vaccone, R Heath

Bill Vickery

Ed & Faye Bailey

Joe & Sis Bowers

Tony Santos

Bill and Dell Ree Wallace

Name unknown

Los Toros reunion

Al & Dolores Vasquez

Willie & Jean Altemose

John & Ellen Cardinali

Catching up

Diane and ?

Nona Watson (the lady, not the horse)

Ron Snelling

On the bus

Dennis Galt

Ed & Faye Bailey

Jim & Eunice Hester

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