Attending Los Toros of the 2010 Reunion

Cpt (retired) Billy Mitchell

Los Toros reunion poster

Maruja Kindred, Manuela Ellison (her sister), Andy Kindred, Glenn Ellison, Rosa Kindred-Winzer

Bob Sterkenburg

Sue Taylor, Marie Katrancha, Marcia Sterkenburg

Ralph & Esther Heath

Loise Galt, Rosalie Foronda

Quilt made by Esther Heath

Ron & Barbara Frankovich, Florentino & Delores Lopez, Jim & Eunice Hester

Dianne Hughes, Lee Pinder, Bess Baker

Quilt made by Manuela Ellison

Al & Delores Vasquez

Dan Foronda, Joe & Rose Vaccone

Dianne Hughes

Ralph & Esther Heath, Joe Vaccone, Dave Wells

Jim & Eunice Hester

Lt Col (retired) David Wells

Cpt (retired) Billy Mitchell

Dennis Galt

Florentino Lopez & Ron Frankovich

Glenn Ellison & friend

Joe & Sis Bowers

Ron & Barbara Frankovich

Wayne Hughart, Bob Allen, Dave Wells

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  1. Super time at “Cafe Seville” with “unbelievable” Flamenco by both Performers – and “Patrons”(?) – The “mature lady in red”!!! Hours spent in conversations with “Really Old Friends” and FREE drinks at Happy Hours at a wonderful hotel. Deep regrets that failing health kept me from the tour and dinner at the USS Missouri… but I enjoyed reading about it and the nifty photos of “Dear Friends”!

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