There has no doubt been a multitude of very small reunions over the years, but sometime between 2006 and 2007, an idea began to grow... Why not make contact with everyone that can be located from the 3973rd CDS and have a big reunion! It all began with a notice of a mini-reunion of four members appearing in the "Tiger Flight."

The beginnings of the Los Toros reunions, meeting together in 2005
Left to right - Dennis Galt, Willie Altemose, Tony Grace, Bill Vickery

First mini-reunion 2005 per Vickery EDIT

A lot of hard work was necessary, and the reunion committee for a big 2007 reunion consisted of Janicegail Slone and Nona Watson. The primary “searcher” was Wayne (Sherlock) Hughart. Sherlock found at least 40 of the former co-workers, including some that didn’t want to be found. Bill Vickery had a hand in getting people together, and Otto Kosa had set up a web page on his own which was also instrumental in finding folks. The website was located at and Otto began posting annual reunion pictures, continuing until he passed away in 2014. Organizing such a large reunion was a huge undertaking, but with successful results. In June of 2007, the first big reunion of the 3973rd CDS was held in Savannah, Georgia. Now an annual event, reunions are held in cities determined by the vote of members who attended the previous year’s reunion. An efficient and resourceful Reunion Committee which includes Dan Foronda, Dennis Galt, and Dianne Hughes plans and organizes the yearly event which is enjoyed by all. Their hard work and efforts are appreciated! Click on the tabs of the drop-down menu to see photos from each year’s reunion or use the links below:

The Los Toros de 3973rd Committee 2018:

Dan Foronda - Head honcho
Larry Prins - Keepsake shirts
Bob & Marcia Sterkenburg - Raffle committee
Marie Katrancha - Raffle committee
Sue Taylor - Raffle committee
Carol Fern - USPS mailings
Dianne Hughes - Treasurer
Ralph & Esther Heath - Flag preservation
Rose Vaccone - Sunshine committee
To send items to the website, email Wanda Kerr at


  1. I can’t say enough good stuff about the super-nice guys & gals who serve us on the committee! The three the Good Lord let me attend stand TALL in my tired old brain! I just gotta make one more at the inspirational Air Force Academy!!!
    The Cadets and “The Chapel” saved my AF retirement when I was seriously considering resigning my commission because of constantly being threatened of being “Fired” or suffering Court Martial for a hundred problems at Minot AFB… and SAC HQs only had threats and no help – like when my “PFD” fell to 65% due to 300 men TDY to Vietnam for “Safe-Side” duty! (Try that at 20 below and guys patrolling in 4 feet of snow!)… The AFA helped me stay for 4 more years! (Magic!) – I was “Found-out” and sent there as a Guest Speaker to recruit Graduates for the Security Police field… and ended-up “Recruiting” myself! (“Inspirational”!)

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