San Pablo Air Base

The San Pablo Air Base was located at 37°24'20"N   5°53'24"W, very near Seville, Spain. The Seville Airport was originally included in the Spanish-American Agreement of 1953 to establish American air bases in Spain. By 1957, the decision had been made to assign B-47s to Morón Air Base, and San Pablo was established as a supplies, support, and logistics installation. "Map Espana" shows the close proximity of the two bases. The base has long since been abandoned, but not forgotten.

San Pablo edit

Not sure what building this is... Barracks or Hospital?


Communications site 1962

The buildings of San Pablo consisted of "the Mess hall, the barracks, the NCO club, the movie theater , the snack bar, the Officers Club, the hospital, the communications bldg. The Air Police were in an old building near the runway, along with the fire department who had their own building." Info courtesy of John Ryan

San Pablo Base Police

Below: Left - Ray Hughes with Unit 24                                 Right - Base Police Units 20, 21, and 24

San Pablo Ray Hughes unit 24, Base Police units 20,21,24

Below: Left – A2C Bruce Bruer and A1C John Ryan 1962                        Right – A2C Otto Sochtig 1962

1080px Bruer-Ryan, Sochtig

Below: A1C John Ryan, 1962

Below: Howard Stewart

SanPablo Howard Stewart EDIT

San Pablo Fire & Rescue
Photos courtesy of Fred Madden

Below: Left - San Pablo School Fire Drill      Right - Fire Prevention Week in the Commissary

San_Pablo commissary fire px week 644px

San_Pablo commissary fire px week Richardson

Madden, Fryar, n Miller outside San Pablo fire station EDIT 200px tall

 Madden, Fryar, and Miller outside the San Pablo fire station

Fire Prevention - Sr. Manuel Miralles

San_Pablo-what you do in the summer when it's hot

What you do in the summertime when it's hot!
(Fred Madden in the shades)

San_Pablo-what you do in the summer-diving

Diving in!

San_Pablo-what you do in the summer - soaking

San Pablo AB Fire Station

Lt Dan Moore working the grill at home in santa claraLt Dan Moore working the grill at his home in Santa Clara

San Pablo movie guide 1966 Edit contr

Movie guide for San Pablo Theater, 1966

Feria girl-sixth grade student San Pablo school D.Maxwell

Feria in Seville
The girl is a sixth grade student at the San Pablo school
Courtesy of Dewey Maxwell

San Pablo newspaper clippings-warehouse, NCO

Above, left - Inside the Exportadora

Below: Google Earth photos of San Pablo in 2008, courtesy of Steve Marston

  • Image 1 - Google Earth

If your browser supports Google Maps, using this link may allow you to take a virtual tour of the old San Pablo base, courtesy of Steve Marston. Click on the Xs and arrows to advance and turn:

Google Maps - Seville, Andalusia

Below: Current photos of San Pablo, courtesy of Enrique Leal

  • Image 1

san-pablo AB databook1

san-pablo AB databook3

san-pablo AB databook2

san-pablo AB databook4

san-pablo AB databook5

Below: Aerial view of Santa Clara, 1957; Courtesy of Jorge Cordero

Below: Map of Santa Clara housing

SANTA CLARA housing map1966DIAG

Below - Sevilla map 1961/1962 showing locations of the San Pablo and Morón bases

Sevilla map '61-'62 cropped

The illustration pictures below were submitted by Enrique Lgal who served in the Spanish Air Police in San Pablo. They appear to be an overlay on Google Earth. Enrique is preparing to actually make a model of the San Pablo AB. Comments by Enrique Lgal.

Photo 1 hospital, chapel cropped(Above) "The hospital is located and remember the equipment with operating rooms, x-ray room, etc etc. Next to the hospital a small chapel with stained glass windows and wooden benches very nice and caught fire while I was on duty. in front of it a building utlizo as maternity after being abandoned by the Air Force, not if before he had another function."

Photo 4 entertainment area cropped(Above) "The entertainment area, above the theater is located next to a sports hall with tennis basketball, to his right a small building where we had the detachment air police Spanish, on your right, I guess that would be stores, not sure . In the center of the pool to his right was to be the club, I remember had a semicircular bar lined with leather and cover hardwood, but is not seen in this picture, there is a small building in the middle not it was, though I think it could be a bowling alley. Below another building is not whether or activity would shop."

Photo 2(Above) "The number 2 is the central electric remember with big engines, and a building not use next to it."

Photo 3 fire dept cropped(Above) "A view of the parking area was the apk of the air police, on top of the image, below left the fire department and on your right, next to the control input a no-data of the building."

(Above) "Overview at the 5 parking building guess Control alert, right fire department "

"Overview with area school barracks and other buildings that do not recognize."