Morón AB pg 5

Photos from Morón AB 1966 - 1969, courtesy of Bob Schenck

By early 1965 it was announced that the B-47 bombers would be retired. They would not be replaced by B-52s at Morón AB because neither the hangers nor the runway could accommodate the much larger aircraft. In 1966 the Morón AB was transferred from SAC to USAFE. 


The USAFE emblem replaces the SAC emblem

Morón NCO Club with base housing seen in the distance. Bill Vickery's old VW?

The Base Recreation Center, run by a civilian, Miss Hogan

Base Ops Control Tower & Airport Building

The main gate with an airman and his Spanish counterparts

KC-135 taking off

A C-124 in the background. According to Dave Kerr, sometimes these planes brought in extra parts for aircraft. 

View from the barracks looking toward the north end of the base.
Quonset huts housed the Fire Dept Inspection Services & Clothing Sales among other things.

A view of the flight line maintenance area. The tall building on the right is a dorm for single or unaccompanied airmen.

Flamenco dancers from Seville performing at the base theater

The base swimming pool. According to Alex Jumonville, the pool's bodyguard was Michelle Coleman and her father was the Base Commander.

Pass & Registration Office. Ssgt Jimmie Christian seated at the desk. The A2C is Roger Hensley

Aerial view of approach to Morón AB

Ssgt S. L. Pegues, one of the Flight Commanders

A1C (later Sgt) Victor Romero