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Flightline at Moron AB during the Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962.
Courtesy of Fred Madden

KC-135s at Moron AB, Cuban Missile Crisis / Some crews slept under the planes so they would be ready to go if called - F Madden

KC-135s at Moron AB, Flew 24-7 during the Cuban Missile Crisis

F-104 Razor-sharp wing edges, originally designed w/downward ejection seats - F Madden

T-33 outside base ops Moron tower - Courtesy of Fred Madden

Ramp Rats

archived 530x480 alert area george katrancha

Alert Area - George Katrancha - D Flight

575x480 Chief Jerry Sando EDIT

"Chief" Jerry Sando

640x373 a2c McCarthy

A2C McCarthy

640x353 a2c Valencia

A2C Valencia

ramp rats McCreery n Constantino-Fire Dept in bkd

Airmen McCreery and Constantino, Fire Dept in the background

336x208 restricted area sign

Madden H-43 Training, April 1961

H-43 training exercise (courtesy of Fred Madden) Goal: Put out fires on aircraft, rescue pilots

SAC Commander Gen. John Ryan at Morón AB / Saluting airmen standing by: David Kerr on left, Larry Jachelski on right. This may have been when the general came to rip somebody a new one. B-52s seemed to have a lot of emergencies and needed to land at Moron when Feria was going on or Christmas was coming up, with Seville being a great place to shop. Once Gen Ryan came, emergencies suddenly resolved and all bombers were off the ground by midnight. About eight bombers in all.

Color Guard at Morón AB - left to right: Bill Vickery, TSgt George Roberts, Dewey Maxwell, Bob Sterkenburg

Air Base parade 1965 - Jimmie Christian carrying the U.S. flag, Guard to his left: Dewey Maxwell

Inside the Service Club,
David Kerr sitting w/ guitar

At the NCO Club, Morón AB - Flamenco dancers
Courtesy of Emmel Davidson

NCO Club at Morón

Training Exercises - David Kerr on the right in the picture above

Inside main gate guard shack - Bill Brewer

Base map Moron

Base map Moron