To: All members 3973d Combat Defense Squadron (Assigned or Attached)


It is your responsibility to maintain a professional job knowledge relating to your assigned career field. The professional ability of you, your flight, and your squadron is what an inspector inspects for to determine the overall rating of this unit. The following are areas each of you must know to reach the level of professional ability required by SAC standards.

A) The Chain of Command is:
President of USA                                                        Mr. Johnson
Secretary of Defense                                               Mr. McNamara
Secretary of USAF                                                      Mr. Zuckert
Chief of Staff USAF                                                 General Lenny
Commander of SAC                                                       General Powers
Commander of 16AF                                                     General Knapp
Commander of Moron AB                                            Colonel McFadden
Deputy Commander for Security/LE                    Captain Wells
Commander 3973d Combat Defense Sq.                Captain Wells
Operations Officer/WSS                                          Captain Mitchell
Operations NCOIC/WSS                                               TSGT Theus
Flight Commander

B) The Air Policeman's Creed is:

I am an Air Policeman. I hold allegiance to my country, devotion to duty, and personal integrity above all. I wear my shield of authority with dignity and restraint, and, promote by example high standards of conduct, appearance, courtesy, and performance. I seek no favor because of my position. I perform my duties in a firm, courteous, and impartial manner. I strive to merit the respect of my fellow airmen and all with whom I come in contact.


C) The Mission of SAC is:

SAC's primary mission is to prevent nuclear war by the ability to deliver nuclear striking-power on demand. By maintaining a bomber and missile areo-space force of unquestioned strength, SAC provides a "strategic umbrella" for the free world. Should it's primary mission fail, SAC is prepared to survive a massive surprise attack arid destroy the enemy's capability to wage war.

D) The mission of CDS is:

To maintain continually a protection and notification capability that will deter any enemy from employing overt or covert actions against the SAC Retaliatory Forces and it's timely launch.


E) The Squadron Daily Objectives to Complete are:

  (1)A uniformly high capability to detect and report swiftly any local
    ground threat to Category I and II resources and then, by individual
    actions of personnel at the scene of the threat, attempt to eliminate
    the threat before extensive damage is done.
  (2)At all times a highly mobile, efficiently armed force, Mobile Strike
    Team (MST), capable of immediate and effective response to any alarm
    sounded by sentries or workers near Category I and II resources.
   3)A highly developed capability for emergency expansion of the normal
    protection system into an operation capable of preventing or limiting
    damage to Category I and II resources.
   4)A swift insured capability to implement established sabotage
    notification and alerting procedures (See SACR 55-1).

F) The Covert Threat to SAC is:

An unknown threat we face today from agents of International Communism who's mission is to block, delay, or destroy the SAC Strike Force thru the use of Sabotage, Espionage and/or Subversion.
    (1)  Subversion is: Process of changing one's attitude and way of thinking
    concerning Communism.
    (2)  Espionage is: Gathering of Intelligence Information thru the act
    of spying.
    (3)  Sabotage is: The Destruction of equipment which is of military value.

G) The Actions Required if You Observe an Act or Suspected Act of Sabotage are:

    (1)  Alarm the Area, shouting "Seven High" or "Red Skin" (as applicable)
    and/or blowing your whistle.
    (2)  Report the incident to CSC by the fastest means of communication
    available. (Example: This is Airman Jones Set #4 - Seven High repeat
    Seven High, unidentified individual on my post).
    (3)  Apprehend the Individual and give a simple frisk.
    (4)  Remove the suspect from the sensitive area.

H) The Code Names and Their Meaning in Accordance with SACR 55-1 are:

    (1)  Seven High: A message dispatched to higher headquarters whenever an
    event occurs which adversely affects the capability launch of the strike
    force and which cannot clearly and immediately be ruled out as possible
    enemy action.
    (2)  Red Skin; An oral report transmitted with high priority from base
    level up the chain of command. This report signifies that' one or more of
    the following conditions exist:
         a.  An incident has occurred within a Category I or II area which
         threatens essential elements of the strike force and the capability
         and readiness to launch this force. Additionally, this incident has
         been evaluated and confirmed as an act of SABOTAGE or COVERT ACTION.
         b.  An incident or series of incidents of serious magnitude has
         occurred that makes it immediately apparent that SABOTAGE or COVERT
         ACTION is the cause.
         c.  Or that the base is implementing Annex "A" (Sabotage Alert)to OPLAN 190-XX.

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