The "Ops Plan 190-XX" and its Annexes and How They Affect Our Duties are:


(1)  Basic Plan: It outlines in detail the normal day-to-day protection actions of the CD Force and, in addition, it will include the actions of allother units actively involved in the protection program.
(2)  Annex "A": (Sabotage Alert) Contains the sabotage alert operation. This annex will outline in detail the actions of all units require­ments for
supplying pre-trained and designated augmentation personnel to the CD Force when needed for the sabotage alert operation. This Annex will be classified
(3)  Annex "B": (Intelligence Annex) Will contain a complete analysis of base resources which, in detail, access each item or group of similar items
concerning its EWO essentiality and its inherent susceptibility to covert-type damage. This assessment will be the basis for assigning Categories I or
II protection classifications as prescribed by SACR 205-9 and SACM 205-5(s). This Intelligence Annex will be classified SECRET.
(4)  Annex "C": (Continence Flight) Contains the procedures for developing and maintaining Contingency Plans to insure the security of SAC
installations and essential resources. Since this Annex deals with the definite possibility of you being deployed at any given time you will be
familiar with the contents of this Annex as prescribed by SACM 205-5(s). This Contingence Plan Annex will be Classified SECRET.

The Eleven Security Instructions are:

(1)  I will take charge of my post and protect personnel and all Government property in view.
(2)  I will secure my post in an alert manner and observe everything within sight or hearing.
(3)  I will report all violations of orders I an instructed to enforce.
(4)  I will relay all messages and distress signals from other posts to Air Police Headquarters.
(5)  I will quit my post only when properly relieved.
(6)  I will give the sentry who relieves me all instructions that 1 have received from Officers and Non-commissioned Officers of the Air Police.
(7)  I will not talk to anyone except in the line of duty.
(8)  I will give the alarm and notify Air Police Headquarters in case of fire, disorder or any emergency.
(9)  I will call the Non-commissioned Officer in charge in any case not covered  by instructions.
(10) I will be especially watchful at night and challenge all persons on or near my post and allow no one to pass without proper authority.
(11) I will apprehend and turn over to the Air Police Officer, or NCO in charge, any person who is on my post or who attempts to cross my post
 without proper authority.


The SAC "Two Man" Policy is:

    A policy pertaining to nuclear weapon handling procedures (Both aircraft
   and missile weapons) that requires not less than two authorized persons to
   be with any assembled nuclear weapon or any major component at all times
   when it is not secured in a locked storage structure.

The SAC "Two Officer" Policy is:

    When access into the fuselage of an Alert Bomber is required, both the
    procedures of the "Two Officer" concept for positive control materials and
    the "Two Man" Policy must be complied with. Two primary crew members
    (Aircraft Commander, Co-pilot and/or Navigator) must accompany the
    individual and maintain surveillance while inside the aircraft.

Broken Arrow

  Any incident or accident involving a nuclear weapon during peace time.

Defcon Conditions

  Defense Conditions pertaining to Security. All personnel will know what
   Defcon we are presently in at all times.

You Determine is a Person is Authorized in a Restricted Area by:

   (1)  Personal Recognition.
   (2)  Valid SAC Form 138 with appropriate area number.
   (3)  Access lists.
   (4)  Code of the Day.

The Authorization to Apprehend an Individual:

    Apprehension is the taking into Custody of a Person.

The No Lone Zone is:

  A designated zone containing critical nuclear components or nuclear
   weapons where the presence of a lone individual is prohibited.

My Unit Security Officer is:

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