The SAC Firearms Policy is:


(1) A firearm will be fired only in the line of duty and only as a last resort.
a. To protect government property critically necessary to the defense effort (Category I) from damage or destruction.
b. To apprehend or prevent the escape of a known dangerous criminal.

c. To prevent the commission of a serious crime.
d. In self-defense or to protect the lives of others when all other means have failed.
(2) A firearm will never be drawn banished, or threateningly displayed  purely as a bluff. (This will not be constructed as preventing a sentry from bringing his weapon to port arms or raised pistol in connection with proper challenging procedures.)

The Nine Rules of Firearms Safety are:


(1)  I will regard All firearms as being loaded.
(2)  I will know and use the safety devices of all weapons with which I am armed.
(3)  I will never aim or point a firearm at anything which I do not intend to shoot.
(4)  I will treat all firearms with proper respect.
(5)  I will first identify my target and insure a clear field of fire before discharging a firearm.
(6)  I will be especially cautious when loading and unloading a firearm.
(7)  I will use my firearm only as authorized.
(8)  I will never use a firearm to play tricks, games, quick-draw or any other form of horseplay, nor allow myself to become involved in such     unauthorized and dangerous acts.
(9)  I will promote firearms safety through my own actions.

The Loading and Unloading of Weapons is Done in the Following Manner:

   (1)  Caliber .45 Pistols and Carbines will be issued with the slide or
   bolt locked in the open position. The weapon will be maintained in
   this configuration and carried at port arms or raised pistol until
   reaching a clearing pit where the slide or bolt will be closed and the
   hammer or firing pin released while the weapon is pointing into the
   clearing pit. The magazine will not be inserted at any time during this
   (2)  Loading and Unloading: The pistol will be loaded at the clearing pit
   prior to personnel being posted and subsequent to Guard Mounts. The
   pistol will have the slide forward and the hammer released while pointed
   into the clearing pit prior to insertion of the magazine. The weapon will
   be returned to the holster prior to leaving the clearing pit. The pistol
   will be unloaded at the clearing pit at the termination of an
   individual’s tour of duty. The pistol will not be unloaded during breaks
   or other temporary relief from post. After removing the magazine of the
   pistol the slide will be worked at least twice and the hammer released
   with the weapon pointed into the clearing pit. The pistol will be
   returned to the Armory at the raised pistol position.
   (3)  The Carbine: The Carbine will not be loaded or the magazine inserted
   while being carried in a vehicle. MST personnel will insert the magazine
   in the weapon only on dismounting in response to an emergency. Unloading
   by MST personnel will be effected prior to remounting the vehicle. The
   weapon will be pointed skyward, the magazine removed, the bolt operated
   several times and the firing pin released. The safety will then be placed
   to the “Safe” position. Carbines will be carried with the bolt forward
   and the safety “On” except at issue and turn-in. Personnel on walking
   posts who are armed with the carbine will insert the magazine when
   posted. The bolt will be forward and the safety on prior to insertion of
   the magazine. Personnel being relieved from post will remove the magazine
   and take no other action until reaching a clearing pit. At the clearing
   pit the operating slide or mechanism will be exercised at least twice and
   the firing pin released with the weapon pointing into the clearing pit.
   The bolt will then be opened and locked in the open position until turned
   in. Carbines that will not reliably lock in the “bolt open” position will
   not be used. The carbine will be carried slung over the shoulder or at
   port arms at all times. No other carrying position is authorized.
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