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Military - 1959 to 1964
Served in the United States Air Force as a Air Policeman in the Strategic Air Command. During that time I was trained in all phases of law enforcement, nuclear weapons and base security. My duty stations include:
(A) 1960-1961 Mather Air Force Base, California.
(B) 1961- 1964 Moron Air Base, Seville, Spain.
(1) Served during the Berlin Wall and Cuban crisis.
(2) Duties included both Law Enforcement and Base Security
(3) Attended the 16th Air Force Air Police Academy.
(C) Honorable discharged as a E-4.

Law Enforcement/Security - 1964 to 2003
Served in the security and law enforcement profession after discharge from the USAF.
(A) 1964 to 1965. Deputy Sheriff, Macomb County, Michigan. (Detroit area)
(1) Graduated from the Southeastern Michigan Police Academy.
(2) Duties included all phases of Patrol Duty.
(B) 1965 to 1967. Security Officer Nevada Test Site. Mercury, Nevada.
(1) Received security clearance and performed duties as a security officer
at the Nevada Test Site during the underground testing era.
(C) 1967 to 1972. Deputy Sheriff, Clark County, Nevada/Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept.
(1) Graduated from the Clark County Law Enforcement Training Academy
Served as a Patrol Officer from 1967 to 1972.
(D) 1972 to 2003. Promoted to Detective just prior to consolidation with the
Las Vegas Police Department to form the new Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.
(1) Duties were to investigate all major felony crimes from midnight to 0800 hrs.
Over 2,000 major felony investigations.
(E) 1980 to 1983 Assigned to the Homicide Detail.
Duties included all phases of 42 Homicide Investigations.
(1) Specialized training schools were attended that included.
Post Blast Bomb Scene Investigations. Elements Of Criminal Intelligence.

Polygraph 1983 to Present
In 1983, I was selected to attend the Backster School of Lie Detection. After completion of academics, I served a two year internship at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Polygraph Section. After certification by the State of Nevada Lic. #650 I was the supervising Polygraph Examiner/Consultant for both the LVMPD and the Clark County District Attorney's Office until February 2003. I am presently in private practice.
(A) Over 6,000 polygraph examinations.
1. Criminal tests of all types for the LVMPD and the Clark County District Attorneys Office.
Including Court Ordered Examinations.
2. Courtesy testy for other law enforcement agencies.
3. Internal Affairs Investigations.
4. Pre employment examinations for Police/ Corrections Applicants.
(B) Maintained 40 hours of annual polygraph certification training at recognized polygraph training schools and seminars.
(C) Certified in Post Conviction Sex Offender Examinations..
(D) Supervised/interned four LVMPD Examiners for their state certification.
(E) Member American Polygraph Association Membership Committee.
(F) Member American Association Of Police Polygraphists.
(G) Past Vice President Nevada Polygraph Association.
(H) Lectured on Polygraph to the Nevada Bar Association.
(I) Testified regarding polygraph examinations locally as well as St Joseph, Michigan and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
(J) Quality controlled numerous polygraph results from private examiners in Las Vegas, Nevada.
(K) Testified to Nevada State Legislators and Committees regarding polygraph legislation.
Note: The training and experience I received in the USAF was absolutely instrumental in my career in law enforcement and security. Actually, it saved my life in 1969 when, after stopping a vehicle on a dark road, discovered four suspects who and just committed an armed takeover of a bar on the Las Vegas Strip. I had to take immediate action. After calling in a 444 emergency, I grabbed the shotgun and ran from the patrol car, remaining low and behind the lights. I took a prone position across the road and challenged that vehicle as I did a thousand times on the flight line. IT WORKED. I had them in front of the Patrol Car. I remained in that position and waited for backup.  We secured the suspects, weapons and vehicle. One of the suspects told me if they knew where I was at they would have killed me. He was serious as it was later learned that he shot and killed a man the day before. He is still in prison. So to all those young Airman take heed. That monotonous duty may someday save your life.


Currently: Manteca, Ca.
I served in Seville from 1957 to 1959.

My rank was A1C when I arrived. My first three weeks of duty was at Moron AB which was under construction at the time. Our office was in a locker room. I worked with a Spanish civilian during the midnight shift. Mostly insuring that nothing was taken from the construction sites. Town Patrol was being performed by Air Police on TDY from Torrejon. Our Base commander wanted our own AP (3973rd) on town patrol. Since I was one of the biggest (6'5" at 235) I was picked along with Cliff Riggs an ex Marine, almost the same size, to be the original town patrol from the squadron. We worked out of an office in the Exportadora. The BX and commissary were located there as well. The duty was great. I spoke enough Spanish to deal with the Spanish police, who treated us quite well. Cliff and I were also asked to be doormen at the American Caseta during the Feria de Abril. I was fortunate enough to have my family travel with me to Seville. We stayed at the Hotel Niza in Seville. All of the Americans that stayed in temporary quarters in town received a substantial per diem. More than enough at that time to live quite well. We moved to the village of Valencina de la Concepcion about 20 km from town. There were several airmen from various outfits in the village. We moved back to Seville after more than a year, since it was easier on the family to be closer to town; ie commissary, BX, and downtown shops. I was taken off of town patrol at my request and became one of the desk Sgts. Town patrol was all night work and some times the patrolmen wouldn't get off duty until late the next morning because of completing reports of serious accidents and other incidents.

I returned to the US and was assigned to a Titan missile security squadron at Lowry AFB in Denver. After three years at Lowry I was transferred to Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls Montana. After three years I was reassigned to the safety office and cross trained as a ground safety technician, promoted to TSGT and shortly there after shipped to Wheelus AB, Tripoli Libya. My last duty station was Chanute CTTC in Rantoul IL. I retired from the AF in May 1970. Moved to San Diego went back to school received a BS worked for an insurance company and retired permanently in 1994.

Some of the names of the officers and airmen that were part of the original bunch: Maj. Robert Woods, Capt Hugh Shannon, Capt. Tom Foley. The Group commander was a Col. Vance.
NCOs included: MSGT Felix, MSGT Leo Borega, TSGT Tom Foster, TSGT Sitzer, SGT Jones E Marlin. Most of them were on base at Moron. Those of us that worked in town included A1c Riggs, A1c Jim Harmon, A1c Valadez, Sgt Walt Covey, Sgt Griffin, A2c Dennis Irwin, A2c Joe Arsenault. There were others assigned to perform guard duties at the Exportadora complex since the BX and Commissary were often the target of burglars, who were after cigarettes. I can remember coming in from town for a short break before returning to town patrol and the desk Sgt receiving a call from the local police asking if the BX had been broken into. They had stopped a local thief and found several boxes of American cigarettes. The thief confessed to breaking into the BX. You can imagine the shock to those who were on guard duty. After checking, it was found that the thieves had cut through a side wall into the building. No one had heard them. The cigarettes were returned.

We had a small holding cell adjacent to the desk Sgt office that could hold a couple of detainees if necessary. It was used quite often on weekends. Especially when TDY airmen were down from other parts of Europe.
The move to San Pablo meant traveling a little farther but was welcomed by most of us. The hospital and schools were there as well. There were several severe accidents on the highways even though there was a speed limit imposed by the base commander and tickets were issued the order had to be rescinded since we didn't have the authority off base to enforce traffic.

Rapport with all branches of the Spanish police was quite good and some of them came to the many parties that we threw. Usually held at a different persons house each holiday, or just because we felt like it. It didn't matter much if you were Air Police, Weatherman or Hospital Orderly we all got along very well. The Peseta was 60 to the dollar, in Gibraltar it was more so some went there and brought back several thousand for resale around payday.

For a while we had to use script. A few months before I returned I think they just paid us in greenbacks. I made a lot of good friends there both American and Spanish and would have remained there for my entire career if I could have. Many of them are now deceased but I do keep in touch with some of them or their widows.


After the service went to work for B&O railroad, I spent 39 years with them.

I got married in 1967 to my wife, Linda Hope. I have two sons, Charles - who was in the Air Force in CA, and Thomas. I have 3 grandchildren and one on the way. I am busier now than I ever was - I went back to work to rest. With my greenhouse and gardens I stay busy at home.


Jimmie Irvin Christian was born July 27, 1940 in Exeter, a small coal mining town in southwest Virginia. He was the third of five sons born to Elbert Cecil and Margaret Hazel (Pierson) Christian. He was named after one of father’s uncles, Irvin Christian and it is not known why the first name was selected.

After being involved in a coal mining accident, the family moved in 1944 first to a community called Zion’s Hill, Tennessee and then in 1946 to Surgoinsville, Tennessee, the original home town of the father. There he attended Surgoinsville Grade School from grades one through seven and Surgoinsville High School, grades eight through the twelfth. After graduating from high school in 1958 he attended Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate, Tennessee for two semesters. He graduated from high school with a 3.7 grade point average and lettered two years in basketball, the only school sanctioned sport.

Surgoinsville was a small town, about 1500 population, with no city government, no police force, no fire department, no EMT service, no theater, no car dealership, no organized recreation for the youth such as t-ball, pee wee foot ball, etc, and no department stores. They did have one barber shop, one drug store, one doctor’s office who also made house calls, about five or six gas stations where gas was pumped by an attendant and your windshield cleaned and your tires checked and about five small grocery stores where the owner or clerk would take your order and go get the items your asked for and then figure your cost on the back of a brown paper sack. Hitchhiking was common and going to Rogersville or Kingsport, nearby towns, to see a movie via “thumbing” was normal and in those days – safe.

After leaving college, he joined the United States Air Force February 20, 1959. After eleven weeks of basic training at Lakcland AFB, Texas was assigned to Homestead AFB, Florida as a 77010 as a direct duty assignment.

Homestead AFB, Homestead, Florida (May 1959 = Oct 1963)
Duty Assignments: KP for first fifty-nine days, Aircraft Security, K9 Sentry Dog Handler, Confinement Turnkey, Correctional Custody Controller, Law Enforcement – Gate Guard, Patrolman and Desk Sergeant
Promotions: Airman Second Class and Airman First Class
Significant Events: Married Linda Ellen Bonham August 1, 1961 in Goulds, Florida.
Part Time Jobs: Tomato/Potato Warehouse Worker, BX Warehouse Receiving and Shipping

Moron Air Base, near Seville, Spain (Oct 1963 – Oct 1966).
Duty Assignments: Aircraft Security (B-47 Point Guard; Alert Area Gate Guard; Primary Strike Team Member; Communicator/Plotter), Town Patrol, NCOIC Pass and ID
Promotions: Staff Sergeant
Significant Events: First child and only daughter, Tracy Lynn born San Pablo September 21, 1965.

Minot AFB, Minot North Dakota (Dec 1966 – April 1970)
Duty Assignments: Training Instructor (SAC Manual 50-17, COMSEC, 5BX Monitor, General Military Training, Nuclear Security), NCOIC Administrative Security
Promotions: Technical Sergeant
Part Time Jobs: Bus boy, BX Cafeteria; Dish Washer, Officers Club; and Pizza Delivery, Sammy’s Pizza).
Significant Events: Second child and only son, Scott Durand, born April 13, 1967 at the Minot city hospital.

Allied Forces Southern Europe Post (AFSOUTH), Naples, Italy (May 1970 - Aug 1975)
Duty Assignments: Allied Forces Criminal Investigator, Chief, Law Enforcement Branch
Promotions: Master Sergeant
Part Time Jobs: Allied Officers Club Duty Night Manager

Webb Air Force Base, Big Spring, Texas (Aug 1975 – Aug 1976)
Duty Assignments: NCOIC Law Enforcement, NCOIC Information Security Branch

Incirlik Common Defense Installation (CDI), Adana, Turkey (Aug 1976 – Nov 1977)
Duty Assignments: NCOIC Information Security and Resources Protection Branch
Promotions: Senior Master Sergeant
Part Time Job: Duty Night Manager, NCO Club

Air Training Command (ATC) Security Policy Staff (Nov 1977 – Mar 1981)
Duty Assignments: NCOIC Information Security Branch, NCOIC Resources Protection Branch
Promotions: Selected for Chief Master Sergeant
Significant Events: Retired from United States Air Force March 1, 1981 as a Senior Master Sergeant after twenty-two years and eight days. Turned down Chief in lieu of being reassigned to Incirlik CDI, Turkey

Civilian Career:
Grand Gulf Nuclear Station, Port Gibson, Mississippi (Feb 1981 – August 2005)
Duty Assignments: Shift Commander, Equipment Coordinator, Administrative Coordinator, Supervisor, Operations Security
Retired from Entergy Corporation, owners of Grand Gulf Nuclear Station on August 1, 2005 after twenty-four years and five months.
Significant Events: Daughter Tracy married William Thomas (Tommy) Trichell. They have one daughter, Alexandra Ellen, born July 21, 1993 and twin sons, William Christian and James Thomas born July 28, 2001.
Son Scott married Kelly Wynette Wasson. They have one daughter Kimberlynn Marie born March 9, 2000 and one son, Kelly Durand born January 31, 2003.
Obtained AAS Degree in Criminal Justice from Hinds Community College in December 1989.

Military Medals/Ribbons:
Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon, NCO Professional Military Educational Ribbon, Army Good Conduct Medal, Air Force Longevity Service Ribbon with four bronze oak leaf clusters, National Defense Service Medal, Air Force Good Conduct Medal with one silver oak leaf, Meritorious Service Medal with two bronze oak leaf clusters, Joint Service Meritorious Service Medal, Air Force Commendation Medal with one bronze oak leaf, Joint Service Commendation Medal

Tidbits: Played fast pitch softball for seventeen years. Went TDY to many other countries and bases, particularly while on the ATC Security Police Staff.
Early Years Motto: Work Hard and Play Hard In That Order
Second Early Year Motto: If you work for a person, you work for that person.
Later Years Motto: Friends, Family Church and God


Entered the US Air Force in Oct 2, 1963 after graduation from Susquehanna Consolidated High School in Susquehanna Pa. Dec 1963 - First duty station was 320 Bomb Wing Combat Defense Squadron (SAC) at Mather AFB, Sacramento, Ca.

Feb 1965 - Deployed TDY to Southeast Asia in support of Operation Arc Light. Mather and Barksdale AFB’s B-52s were the first to begin the bombing of Vietnam. They were “F” Models and were retro fitted with external (on the GAM hardpoints) and internal conventional bomb racks.

Jun 1965 - Returned from Southeast Asia to Mather and then 1 week later TDY to Travis AFB to augment the CDS for an ORI.

Sept 1965 – Arrived for duty at Moron Ab, Seville, Spain.

January 1966 - Deployed to Camp Wilson, Los Polomares, Spain in support of Project Recovery.

After Project Recovery, performed Air Police duties at Moron and San Pablo AB. Duties included base patrol and town patrol. During the Summer of 1966 I was transferred to the Air Police Administration Office at Moron AB performing administrative duties under Capt. Donald Luckhardt and Lt. William Jackson until my October 1967 discharge.

October 1967 - One week after discharge I went to work for LINK Aviation, Binghamton, NY. This company was founded by Ed Link, who pioneered aircraft simulation. I worked in Timekeeping, Computer Operations and Software Quality Assurance(SQA). We designed and built simulators for many different aircraft, foreign and domestic, commercial and military. In SQA I worked on military projects only, including the SR71 and B-2. The company was purchased and divested in the early 90’s and I was laid off in September 1999. After a brief time off (2 years spent hunting and fishing) I went to work at a local small rural hospital maintaining the computers, network and software applications until the present.

I was married in 1969 and have two boys (men now), Keith (USAF 1989 – 1993) and Chris, aged 35 and 30 respectively. And one grand child, Alexandria. My wife, Jerilyn passed away in 1985.


Airman 2C: Rank upon leaving Moron, AB and the Air Force.

Arrived at Moron AB June 1962 and departed Moron, AB September 1964. Previously with the 818th CDF Lincoln AFB, Lincoln, Nebraska from November 1960 to June 1962. Went from CDF to base police while at Moron AB. Was also stationed at San Pablo AB as a member of the base police. I was also assigned to the town patrol at night in the city of Seville. The town patrol was based out of San Pablo AB.

Since leaving the military I have been married twice. Divorced twice. Three children from the first wife, none from the second. I have four beautiful grandchildren, three boys and one girl.

I have a girl friend. No marriage plans at this time.

I held several jobs since leaving the Air Force; I returned to my old job as a grocery clerk then moved on to a job as a cost estimator for a Teflon company, I have been a sheet metal mechanic, an insurance investigator, a field representative for a couple of loan companies, and inventory control clerk. From January 1977 to September 2004 I was an Executive Property Manager with a property management firm. I was responsible for eleven properties consisting of apartment buildings and condominiums. Since September 2004 I have been the General Manager for a 120 unit condominium located near the beach in Longport, New Jersey.

One of the most important events in my life was achieving the designation as a Certified Property Manager with the Institute of Real Estate Management, which is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. It took several years of classes and training to reach this goal and I am proud to have made that accomplishment. The training and education provided me with the ability to manage all types of housing such as; apartments, condominiums, cooperatives, Federally assisted housing, tax credit properties and conventional housing. The other event was being given the opportunity to successfully manage property in the U. S. Virgin Islands for over 25 years. It was a wonderful experience and gave me the additional opportunity to visit other islands in the Caribbean while on vacation. What an adventure. My passions are golf and kayaking.

I do not plan to retire any time soon. Life has been pretty good to me. I continue to have fun and look forward to continuing to work as long as I can.



After my January 1964 discharge from the Air Force I returned to my home town of Upland; which is at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains 40 miles east of Los Angeles and is a city through which the famous ‘Route 66’ travels. I have lived in Upland all my life, the only other place I have ever resided is Moron Air Base.

I graduated from junior college in 1965 with an Associate in Science degree with an Offset Printing major and operated a printing press at Lockheed Air Service. When the GI Bill was initiated I returned to school and graduated from California Polytechnic University in 1968 earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences. The G.I. Educational Bill was a wonderful veteran’s benefit!

My wife, Rosalie is from Ontario, CA. Rosalie and I dated as teenagers and we kept in contact through the all important ‘mail call’ while I was stationed at Moron. We married in 1966, our son ‘Danny’ was born in 1967. Our daughter ‘Yvonne’ was born in 1970; Dennis Galt is Yvonne’s godfather.

We have recently been blessed with our first grand child -- beautiful seven month old ‘Venezia’ who is named after Venice, Italy the city where her parents met while we were on a family/business vacation in Europe. Although Danny and his wife Sophia, met in Italy, she is from Los Angeles where she is a grade school teacher.

After graduating from college I became a retail store manager for the W.T Grant Co. In 1973 I began my career in the printing paper manufacturing industry as a manufacturing sales representative working for paper mills: Kimberly Clark, Simpson Paper, Potlatch and currently, Neenah Paper. I have enjoyed business travel through much of the U. S. and continue to enjoy my job but I hope to retire in the near future and benefit from more time to ride my road bike, travel and enjoy my family. I am a member of the Air Force Security Police Association, the American Legion and the NRA. I have visited the Security Police Museum at Lackland AFB twice and visited Sevilla in 2000.

Although my Air Force career was short, 1960-1964, it was a life changing experience, like many other airmen I was a restless teenager when I joined, but more focused when I returned home. While I did not pursue a military career I recall my friends and experiences at Lackland AFB, Moron Air Base and in Spain very fondly -- I once read that ‘the older you get, the more important the things you experienced in your youth become’ -- I have found this to be quite true!


I departed the 3973rd CDS at Moron AB, Spain in November 1966 for an assignment with the 3345th Air Base Group at Chanute AFB, Illinois. While at Chanute, I worked in several areas, the first being the Armory then, onto Law Enforcement Flight duty, and finally as NCOIC of Pass and Registration. I remained there until October 1970 when I was transferred to the 6314th Security Police Squadron at Osan AB, Korea.

During my 13-month tour at Osan, I worked in Weapon System Security (Flight duty), and then on to Resource Protection. I rotated out of Korea in November 1971 to the 689th Radar Squadron at Mount Hebo AS, Oregon. From the 689th, I transferred to the 823rd Radar Squadron at Spokane IAP, Washington in April 1973.

In March 1974, I was transferred to the 24th NORAD Region/24th Air Division at Malmstrom AFB, Montana, and remained there until I retired from the USAF on 30 September 1980.

I spent the next year working for K-Mart at a new store in Great Falls, Montana, as the Warehouse Manager. In October 1981, I started my civil service career working for the 341st Security Police Group, Malmstrom AFB, Montana, as the Chief of Administration and Reports.

In January 1983, I was transferred to the 2762nd Logistics Squadron (Special), at Norton AFB, California, working as an Industrial Security Specialist in the SR-71 System Program Office, which was actually a “cover” organization for Detachment 51 of the Sacramento Air Logistics Center, Headquartered at McClellan AFB, California. Det 51 was the organization providing total logistics support for the F-117A Stealth Fighters based at the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada. Det 51 relocated to McClellan AFB in Sacramento, California, when Norton AFB was closed in 1984.

I remained at McClellan until January 2001 when the base was closed. I transferred to Edwards AFB in Southern California, and was assigned as the Security Manager at the F-22 Combined Test Force. I remained at the F-22 CTF until I retired from civil service in October 2006, having served 25 years in civil service.

I must honestly say I had a great 20-year active duty tour in the USAF having met some wonderful people over all those years at some good and not-so-good places. Guarding BUFs and tankers, putting up with drunks on Town Patrol, and working back-office jobs was interesting, to say the least however, my 25-year civil service career, especially the years I worked in Special Access Programs such as the U-2, SR-71, F-117A, and F-22, from 1983 until 2006, were truly the best years. The Special Access “World” is remarkable. It is dynamic, rapidly changing, and extremely challenging.

I’m really very sorry I cannot attend the reunion of the 3973rd CDS but all of you are in my thoughts. I hope you have a great time sharing the “war” stories. Take good care and be safe, and if any of you are ever in Las Vegas, please call me. I live in Pahrump, Nevada, which is only 60 miles from Vegas. My home phone number is (available on request - email the web master please).

God Bless All the Warfighters and God Bless America.

Tony Grace

Entered Air Force October 26th, 1955

August 63 reassigned from Moron AB, SP To Barksdale AFB, LA Feb. 64 Encarna downloaded a bouncing baby boy which she called Enrique Migual.

65 Accepted into the Airman’s Education & Commissioning Program June 65 Reassigned from Barksdale to Florida State

66 Commissioned a second balloon

67 Reassigned from FSU to Barksdale AFB.

68 Encarna did it again. She named him Michael Jesus, ruler of the house. And he was! And he is!

68 Tony was reassigned to Kadena, Okinawa and Ecaran to Seville, Spain. Okinawa was not an accompanied tour due to a shortage of housing. So I went to Morgan Manor, bought a house and rented 5 acres for 200 years. Now I could bring my family over. Orders were cut to move Encaran & Family ASAP. I was advised that my family would arrive within a week.

68 Five months later and no family I went back to the Base Commander for support. I signed up for space available on the most southern route to Spain: for the return trip I used the Northern route.

70 Tony was reassigned from Kadena, Okinawa to NKP, land with a one day notice. Orders provided no time; to find a new place for the family. Relocation became part of Encarna’s vocabulary. No time to sell the new burnt-orange Datsun.

73 Major parties agreed to quit fighting the Viet Nam War

74 Tony was reassigned from NKP to LockBourne AFB, OH

75 Tony received a master’s degree in Public Administration

76 Tony retired form the Air Force Sept 30th, 1976

77 Tony hired on at Columbus Technical Institute to become Chief of Police and Chief of Safety. Should have signed on to teach. Double the salary.

80 While conducting post check on a bitter cold weekend Tony’s Cameron was stolen form CTI Campus. The thief was apprehended when he tried to return the car to campus

81 Accepted position at the International Logistics Center Drove 200 miles a day for a year waiting to get our house back. We bought another house since the tenants didn’t feel the urge to move and we did. We were advised not to go to court to kick out the sick mother.

82 Bought a house in Beaver Creek OH

84 Promoted from GS-11 to GS-12

85 Accepted position on the Logistics Operation Center (LOC)

86 We looked for and spend approximately 99% of other organizations’ funds. Money spend by an organization forms the basic for next years budget. We looked for and found a few organizations have trouble securing contracts and experiencing delivery problems.
Accepted an ABO position at Rhine Main AB. ABO Tasks included in the job description:

87 Develop ABO plan for base. Coordinate with Flughafen, HQ US Safe, Local Navy, and NEO assigned personnel. And others, who would select Rhine Main for shelter and/or evacuation during war or threat of war.

88 Develop the capability to shelter all base assigned personnel, Army transient personnel, all NEO personnel, all Americans in Europe. Develop a good CCD program and maintain it.

89 Identify what actions are required to minimize the effects of an attack upon RMAB.

91 Selected as an Outstanding Disaster Preparedness Officer for MAC.

92 Returned to WPAFB after 5 years in GE 2002. Diagnosed with Parkinson’s

03 until present time: I take 35 different medications and Go for PT 3 x’s weekly.

Per Bill Vickery: 2011 - GRACE, Tony M. 73, of Beavercreek passed away Thursday, October 14, 2010. Son of the late Aubrey and Lillian Ada Grace. He is survived by his wife of 47 years, Encarnación Grace; children Enrique Grace and Michael Grace; grandchildren Andrew, Alex, and Carlos Grace; 5 siblings; many other family and friends. He was a retired veteran in the U.S. Air Force with service during the Vietnam War. Family will receive friends from 5:00-7:00 Monday, October 18, 2010 at Newcomer Funeral Home, 3380 Dayton Xenia Rd. A funeral service will follow viewing at 7:00 PM. Arrangements in care of Newcomer Funeral Home (Beavercreek).

BIOs Tony Grace funeral - group photo

Here are the Los Toros de 3973rd members that attended Tony Grace's burial service on 24 Jan 2011 at Arlington, VA. Left to right, Dennis Galt, Tom Gajeski, Willie Altemose, and Bill Vickery. Billy Joe Bowers sent a representive to the service, but we couldn't find him when we took this photo.

BIOs Tony Grace coffin

Tony's coffin being loaded onto a wagon for a final trip to his grave site

BIOs Tony Grace folded flag

The AF Chaplin presenting the flag that draped Tony's coffin to his widow, Encarna Grace. The service was well done. A light snow flurry began at the end of the service. Bill V.