Tough Tiger Training

The Sixteenth Air Force Air Police Academy, or “Tough Tiger School,” at Torrejon AB served as a training center for airmen in Spain during the 1960s. As Air Police, one must be capable of providing Base Defense Security duties as well as Law Enforcement. Tough Tiger School provided three weeks of full-time training in such varied subjects as Combat Firing Techniques, Annual Marksmanship Requirements, Law Enforcement, Domestic Emergencies, and Riot Control. Training extended into all facets of military life, including daily standby inspections, guardmount ceremonies, and curfew. All activities were graded competitively, assuring the continued professionalism of the Sixteenth Air Force’s finest.

Letter assigning Tough Tiger School with Checklist

Letter assigning Tough Tiger School 700x900Letter assigning tough tiger part 2 EDIT

Below: The Barracks / John “Goose” Kovatch on the right

AP barracks wide 2 pics

Below: An exercise in Map Reading

700x700 Tough Tiger test

Below: 1st Tough Tiger Class 16AF Academy Torrejon AB 1961

1st_Tough_Tiger_Class_16AF_Academy Torrejon AB

Below: Tough Tiger Diploma for Richard W. Thomson 3970th CDF – Torrejon, Spain 1961 – First class to graduate

800x507 Tough Tiger diploma-rsEDIT

Below: A2C David Kerr receiving Honor Graduate Award upon completion of training 1964

953x440 newspaper pin corrected 2

Below: A2C Dewey Maxwell receives the Honor Graduate Award at a ceremony just outside the main classroom of the Sixteenth Air Force Air Police Academy. Left: Lt Col C. E. Conway, the Director of Security and Law Enforcement, 16th Air Force.

Honor Graduate a2c D Maxwell 500x391 EDIT


Dept of Defense seal

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