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Los Toros de 3973rd Combat Defense Squadron of Morón, Spain

Following WW2, tensions heightened between the United States and the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union had developed the atomic bomb. There was mutual suspicion and profound distrust. The Cold War was well underway.

Wanting military installations as close as possible to strategic Soviet targets in the event of war, President Dwight D Eisenhower signed an agreement in 1953 with General Francisco Franco allowing for US Air Force bases in Spain. One of those installations was Morón Air Base, located approximately 35 miles from Seville. On 1 June 1957, the 3973rd Air Base Group at Morón was formally activated. Less than a year later, the first B-47s were assigned to the base to conduct Reflex operations. Security for the bomber aircraft as well as the entire base was accomplished through the Air Police of the 3973rd Combat Defense Squadron.

By 1966, most of those who served in Spain during the Cold War era were transferred elsewhere and eventually lost contact. But 40 years later, the efforts of a few resulted in the first reunion of many of those airmen. That initial gathering was the beginning of an annual event. The name "Los Toros de 3973rd CDS" was chosen for the group. This is their website.

*There will not be a Los Toros reunion in 2023 due to health issues of the Reunion Coordinator. Hopefully, they will resume in 2024

* God Bless the United States of America *

About This Website

This website is a place for those who served together in the 3973rd Squadron in Spain in the ’50s and ’60s, particularly in Moron, to reminisce and remember those days fondly. This site belongs to the Los Toros de 3973rd and not to any one individual.
If you wish to submit old photos or remembrances, please email them to wlkerr@outlook.com or post on the Facebook page entitled “3973rd CDS – Website Info.” If you see errors in names, locations, etc, or can fill in information where names are unknown, please send a message to the same email address. Hope this website gives you some enjoyment and helps you feel like you’re in touch with the 3973rd. A special “thank you” to those who have contributed photos, memorabilia, and information, and to Brent Skaggs, our patriotic and generous web host!
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