Looking down on everyone

Willie & Jean Altemose, Dennis Galt, and Bob Taylor

Far left: Jerry Medlin, across from him in blue-green blouse - Shirley Medlin; Next to Jerry - Bruce Fern, Bess Baker

Dave Wells and Margo Vickery

Bill Vickery and Colonel (retired) Jerry Bullock, Executive Director, AF Security Police Association

Dave Wells

Members attending the 2008 Reunion

The ladies taking pictures of the men

Jerry and Lucille Bullock

Dan Moore (Lt Col, retired), Willie Altemose in the background

Lackland AFB

Outside the Joint Training Center

John Cardinali in red shirt, wife Ellen to his right

Eating out

Paul Lockerbie and Jerry Medlin

Los Toros

Airmen at Lackland

USAF Security Forces Museum

Margo Vickery, Janicegail & Larry Slone

Stephanie Watson Stephens, showing them how it's done

Nolan Watson and Edwin Savitsky

Travis Quinn and Nolan Watson

Dennis Galt, Janicegail & Larry Slone

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  1. that’s “Stephanie”, Watson’s daughter, shooting the perp on the “Virtual” screen and she shot us on a cam-corder for 4 hours the day before when all the “Old Guys” (and some widows!) gave their (tear-filled) testimonies of our times together! Stephanie also organized + “led” our tortuous “River Walk”!!!
    *Dan Moore looked great, but needs our prayers now – to beat cancer! Gary Jefferson drove-over from Bossier City, La just to say hello on our final night and made me look-up our photo together in ’69 when he flew-up from Phu Cat just to say hello to me at my Pleiku AB CSC!!! (Gary still serves there as the AFSPA Chapter Chairman!). Former HQs/AF/IGS “Room-Mate” in Wash D.C., Jerry Bullock was our Guest Speaker and “Invocator” at our Saturday farewell dinner!

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