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Left pic – Left to right: Dewey Maxwell, Calvin Lowe, Bill Vickery, Jim Isbell, Charlie Butts – Lowe wrecked his Sunbeam, Maxwell ended up in Malaga hospital.
Right pic – Left to right: Jim Isbell, Cal Lowe, Dewey Maxwell, Charlie Butts, Bill Vickery – on the road to Torremolinos

Left: Charlie Butts loading up Mongeon’s car
Center – Sgt Calvin Lowe
Right picture: Dennis Galt on the right, “Poco Pelo” left, did the laundry on the Moron base, saving money to get married. “Poco Pelo” means “little hair”

  • Bill Vickery, Joe Vaccone, Nolan Watson

Fred Madden Punta Umbria 315x318Fred Madden at Punta Umbria

Fred Madden at Punta Umbria beach 210x304Look what washed up on the beach!

Ed Saiz Bar Soraya '63-'65Ed Saiz at Bar Soraya '63/'65

Ed Saiz in front of Bar Soraya I thinkBar Soraya during Fred Madden's visit in 2015.
Unchanged, but now named "Cafe Delicias"

Steve Marston COMM - Plotter 'B' Flight 1964-on the job, cutting the mustard Edit2Steve Marston, COMM Plotter, B Flight 1964
"On the job, cutting the mustard"

Travis Quinn in his room at the barracks, beside him - stereo system of the day and a photo of his girlfriend (now his wife) 1966

Travis Quinn clearing gun, Moron Edit

Left: Travis Quinn clearing his gun at the Armory

Travis Quinn on duty Moron 1966 lrg map Edit

Travis Quinn, on duty in Morón, 1966

Bruce Aro, of the 2188 Communications Squadron. Contributor of some excellent photographs!

Bruce Aro and guys from 2188 Communications Squadron

H-43 F MaddenH-43 helicopter used by the Fire & Rescue Team - courtesy of Fred Madden ~ The device reaching from the ground to the windshield is a measuring device.  H-43 Firefighters were trained at Stead AFB in Reno, Nevada.

314x369 B Vickery pic-Sheila Hardie,Jim Allen,Bill Vickery,Margo Scott-Torremolinos 1963. Jim was K9.

Left to right: Sheila Hardie, Jim Allen (K-9), Bill Vickery, Margo Scott - in Torremolinos 1963

Margo Scott-Vickery on camel Morocco '63, met Bill on vacation EDIT

Margo Scott (later Vickery) in Morocco 1963. Met Bill Vickery on vacation

Zaragoza AB off-base housing

Zaragoza AFB, off-base housing (Note the '59 Ford wagon)

Zaragoza AB tower n C54 transport Cropped

Zaragoza AB tower and C-54 transport

Zaragoza F102 Delta Dagger 1960 Cropped

F-102 Delta Dagger at Zaragoza 1960

Zaragoza AB

zaragoza_base_aerea runway n airport900x505

zaragoza_base_aerea_anos_60 594x412


  1. Emmel, lest you continue to have trouble finding your favorite photo (yourself), it is now being featured on the home page of this site. We aim to please! (The original photo is right where it’s always been, on Photo Gallery pg 1 in a slideshow of your pics. It must be you who is doing the shuffling!)

  2. Wanda:
    I occasally access the web site and I must tell

    You (and all your helpers, if you have any) are doing a great job.

    No complaints except one small one. You simply must stop shuffling the photos. Its getting to the point where I can’t even find my favorite photo (myself as the Desk Sargent in San Pablo).

    Is there any way I can be of help?

    Keep up the good work.


  3. Many great memories of Z.A.B. and the guys of B flight and a great squadron commander, Col. Walter Meade. And I will never forget midnight shift and the coldest that I have ever been in all my seventy one years. Milting snow, sleet and thirty knot winds coming down from Mouncayo. And at two A.M. walking the flight line talking to all the sentries is Col. Meade talking to each of us and asking if the strike team was giving us time to warm up in the truck and were we getting hot coffee. He was the best.

    And it was there in the base snackbar that met the the daughter of Chief Master Sargent Miller and a year later we would be married. Yes, ZAB was a very special place for me.

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