Left to right: Bill Branch, Nolan Watson, Dewey Maxwell at Bar Soraya Sevilla 1964

Left bottom David Kerr and Alex Furmanski, Rt - Manfred Wolfe and wife New Year's Eve 1964

Left: David Kerr / To his left: Al Vasquez / To Dave's right: Charlie Laudenslager / Foreground, on the Right w/white sweater: Ralph Heath - Moron

Party Time cheb group 3,4 1080x300Left picture - Left to right: Freddie Wales, Jim Isbell, Larry Slone, Charlie Butts, and Don ? in Bar Julia, Sevilla. /
Right picture - Charlie Butts - extreme left, Jimmy Allen - center, Freddie Wales - far right

485x323 Ray Hughes John Baker at Venta Casa Blanca 'Flight Refueling' Fundador Brandy #2 Jan 18,1963 Ray Hughes and John Baker at Venta Casa Blanca, doing some "In-Flight Refueling" with a bottle of Fundador Brandy 

486x297 Ed,Blackburn,RayHughes-almost drunk,'Dot', Pete-stoned,'Yogi',Bob-also stoned #6

Ed, Blackburn, Ray Hughes (almost drunk,) Dot, Pete (stoned,) Yogi, Bob (also stoned) [per Ray Hughes on back of picture]

503x320Kruse,McFarland,'Popcorn',Dick Kumpon,McCoy,Plummer, Ray Hughes #1

Kruse, McFarland, 'Popcorn,' Dick Kumpon, McCoy, Plummer, Ray Hughes (Ray Hughes pics courtesy of Dianne Hughes)

487x297 Wasiecko, May, 'Red' Ray Hughes #

Wasiecko, May, 'Red,' Ray Hughes

284x431 Lykins, Ray Hughes #3

Lykins, Ray Hughes

485x320 Frank Strother, Ray Hughes #4

Frank Strother, Ray Hughes

550x343 Santos et al bar, tender, Pepita I think

Left to right: Charlie Butts (?), Tony Santos, Torch, Joe Vaccone

Left to right: Unidentified, Dewey Maxwell, Roberto Cruz, Bill Vickery at Bar Soraya in Sevilla 1964

1080x340 cheb grp 6,8 Charlie Butts, Jim IsbellUnidentified drinking guys (Charlie Butts in both pics)

445x445 Otto Kosa cigar border txt

Ed Saiz Bar Soraya, Seville '63-'65 EDITEd Saiz at Bar Soraya

Bill Jones w guys in bar

Unknown bar in Seville 1959 - Bill Jones on far right, during his first TDY to Morón.
Anyone know who the other guys are?


  1. Wait-a-Minute… where are today’s ever-popular “Tee Shirts”? These nice-looking guys have coats & ties – or “Jackets”… What happened??? Note: right into the late 70’s – I always dressed-up in at least a sports jacket and tie – or no tie but elegant “casual” shirt!… then the tee shirts won!
    Today we’re a nation of could care-less slobs with lousy manners and even worse “Listening Skills” who basically say to everyone and every thing > “NO PROBLEM”!
    *I was disherpointed when I saw that some dope forgot to put in my “Bio” that I joined the Nat’l Guard at 15 (Lied about being “17”) and got 6 years pay credit when I made 2nd Louey in Dec ’53… and 24 when I volunteered for a ’72 Budget Cut RIF at age 40 (I hated HQs AF staff duty!)

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