'A' Flight WSS 1963 Edited

"A" Flight WSS 1963

• Flt Commander Tsgt Spangler
• NCOIC Alert Area SSgt Cunningham
• Comm/Plotter A1C James Hester
• A1C Williams, A1C Twedt, A1C Reese
• A2C Valencia, A2C Chandler, A2C Binder, A2C Hudson, A2C Joyner
• A2C McCarthy, A2C McCreery, A2C Belcher, A2C Dunsford
• A2C Turgeon, A3C Sando, A2C Kirgen, A2C Ence, A2C Constantino,   A2C Hutchings
• A2C Smith, A2C Kosa, A2C Bridges, A3C Brown, A2C A2C Santos, A2C Furmanski

On day shift 6/18/63 flight line temp in excess of 120 degrees

'B' Flight - Fall of 1964 EDIT

"B" Flight - Fall of 1964

"B" Flight Guard Mount after REFLEX

Guard Mount 'C' Flight Ssgt Jose AR Gomaz inspecting, fall 1962 EDIT

"C" Flight - Ssgt Jose AR Gomez inspecting before swing shift, fall of 1962

Guard Mount pic - untitled 3 EDIT

Guard Mount 'C' or 'D' Flight, early 1962 EDIT Crop

"C" or "D" Flight, early 1962

A2C Burger K-9 getting award at GUARD MOUNT for capturing intruder.
NOTE: LT. Maple with weapon on uniform.

From Left: SSGT Arnt Sundeth, Edwin Savitsky, Dave Nicklas, Odie Blackburn, Burger, Ence (left of Vickery), Bridges
2ND ROW: Bill Vickery (behind Bridges), Kupont, Hilliard, McFarland & ROBT. Taylor (all with dogs), Coleman (behind Kupe), Fred Brooks (Behind McFarland), ROBT. Taylor, Lukavits & ROBT. Owens Jr. (behind Lt. Maple)

Guard Mount pic - untitled 4 Edit

Termination Apr '65 Ssgt Wm Miller, Flight Commander Edit

Termination April 1965, Ssgt William Miller, Flight Commander

Guard Mount pic - untitled 2 Edit

Truck at S-119, reserve mobile strike team no. 7A ton and a half Posting Truck at S-119, Reserve Mobile Strike Team #7

Newspaper clipping Seville Edit

never fear sign Med