Curently in: Middleburg Heights, Ohio

Air Force Years:
Enlisted June 1960
Basic Training at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas
Wirtsmith Air Force Base, Oscoda, Michigan August 1960 to June 1962
Moron Air Base, Spain June 1662 to May 1964
Separated from Air Force June 1, 1964
All my job assignments were with the 379 and 3973 cds units.

Civilian years:
I spent 37 years at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland in the coin and currency departments.

I retired in March 2002.

On August 2, 1980 I married a wonderful woman named Darlene and this August 2 we will have been married 27 years. We have two children and three wonderful grand children. Our two children are Darlene's from a previous marriage. We are active in Parma Baptist Church and I like working in the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief program. The last disaster I was on was hurricane Katrina and our group was in Long Beach, Miss. I was part of a food service operation.

Having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the most important thing in my life. The next is my wife and family. "Walk with the KING today and be a blessing"


My rank was CMSgt and my job SF Manager. My Unit was 482d Security Forces Squadron from Homestead Air Reserve Base in Florida. We were deployed for 6 months. We were not based in Afghanistan but in another country in the region. We had Ravens assigned to our unit but did not have enough of them to meet mission demands. We assigned other, highly qualified, SF members to supplement the Ravens and fly the missions. The Commander, myself and our S-3 would go on missions as QC. It was an interesting and challenging deployment and we were all very glad we had the opportunity to participate and contribute what we could. On the last mission I did get into Afghanistan. I'm not sure but I think I may have been the oldest US Enlisted person on the ground there. I was 59 yrs & 10 months. I never checked that statistic but I would doubt there were many if any that old in the country.

BIOs RayHughes01 EDIT 2

CMSGT Ray Hughes in battle gear

BIOs RayHughes Kandahar sign EDIT

As seen through Night Vision Goggles - Kandahar, Afghanistan


I joined the USAF right out of high school in 1958 and spent my first 4 years in SAC at Little Rock AFB, Arkansas. During those 4 years, the first 3 were spent in the 825th CDS or CDF, whichever you prefer. I had the good fortune to take several TDY's during this time. My first TDY was to Moron Air Base in Spain in 1959 which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also had the pleasure to go on a second TDY to Moron Air Base in 1960 or 1961. I also went TDY Goose Bay Labrador in 1960 and to Lajes Field, Azores in 1961. My fourth year at Little Rock AFB was spent in Law Enforcement (Base Police). I was then transferred to the 5072nd Air Base Group at Galena Air Force Station, Alaska (Remote) for a year. From Alaska, I was transferred to the 1608th Air Police Squadron at Charleston, AFB in South Carolina. I got married and remained at Charleston for 3 years and was then shipped to the 48th Air Police Squadron at RAF Lakenheath, England. At the end of my 8 year enlistment, I decided to take a discharge from the USAF. I guess our priorities change with marriage and I did not want to drag my family all over the world, so we decided to try civilian life.

Once out of the Air Force in 1966, I went to work for Fireman's Fund Insurance Company in Los Angeles as an insurance fraud investigator. I also took college courses at UCLA at night completing my college education. In 1970 Fireman's Fund transferred me to their Atlanta, GA office. I remained with Fireman's Fund Insurance company for several more years and decided to open my own Private Investigation Agency in 1974. I have been a Private Investigator since that time and expanded my agency to an office in Houston, Texas and an office in Punta Gorda, Florida.

My wife Emily and I continue to reside primarily in the Atlanta area where our daughter Teresa, resides with her family. My daughter is involved with me in my private investigation business. My son, Randy and his family reside in the eastern part Tennessee where they operate their optometry business.

I am now semi-retired and have written 4 ebooks related to the Private Investigation business and have set up an Internet Marketing business where I am selling my ebooks.


Had a good job as a butcher before entering the U.S. Air Force in 1961. Went through Basic Training like everyone else then was stationed at Altus AFB, Oklahoma. Made some good friends, Dick Krepps and Richard Rodriguez. We all got sent to Spain in 1962. I went to Zaragoza AB and later to Moron AB. Did my stint as a ramp rat. Met a bunch of great guys who shared everything.

Left Moron AB at the end of 1964 and was sent to Grissom (Bunker Hill) AFB, Indiana where I worked Flight Duty, Law Enforcement, Confinement and Pass & I.D. Went to Selfridge AFB, Michigan in 1968; a TAC base. Worked Law Enforcement. Left the Air Force in 1969 after being hired by the Inkster Police Dept., Michigan, near Detroit.

There is no doubt that the training and experience received in the Air Force and SAC in particular, helped me tremendously to excel in my performance as a police officer. I was promoted much earlier than most, became a detective within 3 years, a command officer within 4 years, ran a narcotics unit, high crime response unit and special investigations. Involved and assigned to 22 homicides within one year. Engaged in 7 shoot-outs while at the department, one ending in a fatality. Made some long lasting friendships to this day. Many of these same friends ended up being lawyers, prosecutors, judges and politician.

I was recruited as the Executive Director of the Criminal Justice Institute, Detroit, for Southeast Michigan 1976 where we were responsible for running the Police Academy providing training and certification of new police officers. We also provided specialized and advance law enforcement training.

In 1979, I was recruited by the Detroit Edison Company to come and work for them. They were building a Nuclear Power Plant on Lake Erie near Monroe, Michigan. I joined them and held a variety of positions there during my 22 years of employment. I retired in 2001 as Director of Corporate Security and Revenue Recovery. Wanted to enjoy my retirement, traveling, golfing and visiting family and friend. Along the way I also became political and held an elected position as a city councilman for several terms and vice chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. I enjoyed friendships with many national and local politicians, including our current president. None of this is possible if you don’t get involved.

I firmly believe the root to any of my success is due to the confidence, training and experience gained while in the U.S.A.F. It also motivated me to get an education. My how a piece of paper opens doors regardless of who you are. I’m working hard now to lower my golf score.



Joined the Air Force January 21, 1962.
After Basic Training I was assigned to the Security Police at Wurtsmith AFB, Oscoda, Mich.

In September of 1963 I was reassigned to Zaragoza Air Base, Spain. I was also assigned to security at Zaragoza. In June of 1964 was reassigned to Moron Air Base due to the phasing out of Zaragoza. I was again in security. March of 1965 I was assigned to Base Police as a A1C, along with my one (1) man Flight crew, A2C Bill Brewer. I stayed with Base Police until I was until I was Honorably Discharged in September of 1965. I received an early out. Guess they were glad to get rid of me.

- From Spain I went back to my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky and went to work at Phillip Morris Tobacco Co. while waiting to join the 480 man Jefferson County Police Department August 1, 1966.
- Went through the open housing marches involving Martin Luther King in 1967.
- Survived the race riots of 1968.
- Was a beat Officer until March of 1972 when the County Police Dept. started a Helicopter Unit.
- Flew as an observer while in flight training.
- Went through the riots of 1975 due to mandated forced bussing by the Supreme Court of the United States.
- Received my Private Pilots License and in 1978 became a Commercial rated rotorcraft pilot. Flew for the Jefferson County Police Department for 30 years until the Louisville P.D. and the County P.D. merged in  2003 and then had a 1450 man Department. I then flew for another one year and 8 months until retiring in May of 2004. Retired with 37 years 8 months, with 31 of those years flying.
- Was shot at on numerous occasions while a beat Officer and while flying the helicopter. They missed!!
- God was good to me, as I had several in-flight emergencies but never put a dent on any of the helicopters I flew.
- Trained and flew in the Hughes 300C Model helicopter.
- 1978 we went to turbine driven helicopters. The Hughes/McDonald Douglas 500D.
- In 2000 we went to the McDonald Douglas 520N / NOTAR NOTAR designates no tail rotor.

My wife’s name is Wanda. I have 3 beautiful daughters, 3 beautiful granddaughters and 4 fantastic grandsons. Wanda has two grandsons who are also great. I still play the guitar and play at our church every service. Jesus Christ is the most important person in my life.

Otto Kosa

What happened after departure from 3973RD CDS:

Called CSC to have Base Police pick me up at S-119 to transport to the Moron terminal to catch the 16th AF C-47 Courier to Madrid for the departure to the land of the big BX. After several hours wait in the Madrid terminal boarded a C-121 Super Connie contract plane for a northern route trip to Maguire AFB, NJ. Left Madrid and flew uneventful to the Azores and stopped to refuel and stretch our legs. Loaded the plane back up and took off in the early evening. About 15 or 20 minutes later the #3 engine exploded in flames, but to no avail the engine fire bottle did not put the flames out. To me there is nothing scarier than seeing an airplane engine on fire at night with me on the plane. But wait it gets better! In what seemed like minutes the outboard engine on the other wing burst in flames, at which point the flight attendants passed out life jackets and then asked all the women and children to move up front and then moved all of us single folks to the rear of the plane, telling us that we were going back to the Azores. I truly thought my time was up. We were so glad to see the foam on the runway and the crash trucks pull up when we landed. We waited in the terminal for a replacement plane to come from the USA and when it arrived the seats for the disabled airplane had to be moved to the new airplane, so the Full Bird Col. who was returning to the states from India assembled all of us folks and explained that he wanted to get back to the USA in good time. So we proceeded to carry the seats from the disabled plane to the good one. After setting all the seats and reloading the airplane we took off for the good old USA. I never was so happy to see the Canadian lights in my life. We landed to refuel in Gander, Newfoundland and then flew down the coast at nighttime viewing all the lights right into NJ. By now it was Thursday and I processed out all day Thursday and Friday and had a bed in the transit barracks for the weekend but managed to get a pass for the week-end and my Dad made the two hour trip to Maguire, NJ to pick me up for the weekend. I returned on Monday to complete my discharge.

Upon arrival back home, purchased a car and started looking for what schools of higher education would accept a poor HS transcript. Located a little local business school that accepted the $130.00 per month VA award and was accepted for admission. I went to work full time in a local factory grinding glass blocks used for various applications, at a pay rate $1.65 hour. September 1966 arrived and I started school with a bunch of 17 and 18 year old folks. I went from the full time grinding glass application to PT 4 hours after school. In March 1968 a local Electric Co. credit union called our placement office to see if they had a student that was an accounting major and had his military completed. I was sent for the interview and was hired part-time with the understanding that if I worked out I would be hired full time in June 1968. Graduated in June with an Associates degree in Business. Came on board with the Credit Union as an accounting clerk. The Credit Union’s field of membership consisted of Jersey Central Power & Light Co, New Jersey Power and Light, New York State Electric and Gas Corp, Penn Electric Co, General Public Utilities Corporation, Gilbert Associates, South Carolina Electric and Gas Corp and Metropolitan Edison Co. We had assets of around Three million and about 8,000 members. The other high point of 1968 was my marriage to a local gal. In 1972 was promoted to Asst. Treasurer for the Credit Union and began taking Data processing courses at Penn State, Berks campus gearing up for the conversion from the pencil era to the computer era. March 1979, the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island occurred and I became involved in my second nuclear accident, Palomares Spain and Three Mile Island. 1982 divorced from the bride of 1968, 1986 remarried current wife. 1987, a changing of the guard at the CU. New boss and new energy for the job. Was promoted to VP-Operations, Security Officer, Collection Manager, Credit Committee Chairman, It’s now March 1998 and time to step away from my life’s work and go to retirement. The Credit Union assets at retirement were $300 Million with membership at 30 Thousand. It truly was an exciting time of my life, after retirement we relocated to Florida and I found employment with a Florida CU as its local loan service person. Our field of membership in Florida was Florida State Employees in the Orlando area. 2004 retirement became a full-time one.


Born Dec 1944, raised between Lancaster, PA through Scranton (Area) PA, and then on into New Jersey, where I enlisted in April of 1962.

After Basic Training I was assigned to the 3974th CDS, Zaragoza AB Spain. Accompanying me to Spain from Tech School in September 1962 were; Charlie Loudenslager, Ralph Hoffman, Marcy Heires; Dennis Faulkner, Leroy Basket, James Hall, Burgess, and two others whose names escape me right now.

We arrived at Torrejon awaiting transportation to Zaragoza. When our transportation arrived we were escorted across the tramac to an awaiting C-47, Gooney Bird, when we got on the plane the only seats were troop seats (metal scoop shaped buckets along the fuselage) then the crew chief entered and had us strap on parachutes. Anyway, once we were airborne I looked out the window and I could actually see the left wing going up and down. Not a soothing sight.

Assigned to “D” Flight Security, the chain of command was Maj Walter R. Meade, BDCL, Capt William J. Tuminella, Ops Officer, MSgt Walker, NCOIC, and TSgt Charles R. Peacock, AKA the “Buzzard”.

They didn’t know what to do with 9 newbie’s with no clearance so off to Tough Tiger School we went. We all did well at Tough Tiger, because we were fresh out of Tech School, but we were on the way to becoming “SACimsized”

Way too many memories to get into, just to say that up the road from me in Austin, are at least three more folks from Zaragoza, JD Doyle, Bob Mead, and Danny Moore.

When Zaragoza phased out I was transferred to Torrejon, along with Maj Meade and Capt Timunella. At first we were not very well liked at Torrejon, mainly because we brought Maj Meade and Capt Tuminella. That coupled with the fact that those of us that had some good training and support as A2C’s were already working as Comm/plotters, Desk Sgt’s, Alarm Monitors and Patrol Leaders, our equivalents already at Torrejon had not been given the same training opportunities. But eventually we blended in and all was well.

On my way to Torrejon I took a leave, went home and got married. Unfortunately my wife took ill and I had to go back to Spain without her. She joined me later and we spent almost a year living off base in Madrid. When they phased out Torrejon in 1965, I was reassigned to the 456th CDS, Beale AFB, CA where we later were the recipients of the 1st SR 71’s.

Apr to Jul 62 Lackland AFB, TX Basic and Tech School
Sep 62-Jun 64 3974th CDS Zaragoza AB, Spain
Jun 64-Apr 65 3970th CDS Torrejon AB, Spain
May 65-Oct 66 456th CDS Beale AFB, Marysville, CA
Dec 66-Jun 67 366th Air Police Squadron Da Nang AB, RVN
Jun 67-Nov 67 366th/320th TAC Recon Monkey Mountain, Da Nag, RVN
Dec 67-Jun 714 456th, 78th, 83rd, and 1st FIS Fresno Municipal Airport, Fresno, CA
Jul 71-Jul 72 27th, 60th, and 84th Bangor International Airport, Bangor, ME
Aug 72-Feb 73 Air Advisor with the Montana ANG (Boy Scouts) Great Falls International Airport, Great Falls, MT
Feb 73-Jun 74 341st SPS/SPG Malmstrom AFB, Great Falls, MT
Jul 74-Jan 76 95th Strategic Wing Goose AB, Goose Bay Labrador
Feb 76-Jan 80 USAF Security Police Academy, Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX
Feb 80-Sep 84 416th SPS Griffiss AFB, Rome NY
1 Oct 84 Retired and returned to SAN Antonio,TX

After I retired I took various jobs; Managed a liquor store, Drove a Long Haul Truck, Part Time Mail carrier, Alarm Service Investigator for ADT, Alarm Operator for a security company (at WHMC), Owner/Manager Security Company, Lead Officer, Patrolman, Asst Ops Manager, Ops Manager for various Security companies, and finally as a Dispatcher, Trainer, Instructor and NCIC Coordinator for the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office her in San Antonio, where I hope to finally hang it all up for good in two more years.

I am still married to my wife Mary of 43 years, 5 children, 12 Grand Children, and 2 Great Grand Children. All are well.


Robert B. Lockhart was born Nov. 17, 1942 in Pittsburgh, PA.

In the year 1959, I thought I was smarter than my teachers and didn't realize how important an education was, so I quit school and joined the Air Force. Was stationed in Lackland for my basic training. After that, I was at Travis AFB in Calif. (March 1960-March 1961). After my 30 day leave, my next tour of duty took me to Moron, Spain. While there I entered the Air Force Academy for Air Police. Also finished my high school education. (Got a real education in the service.) I tell my grandchildren that I graduated from the school of hard knocks!

I returned to the States (Dec.1963). Feb. of 1964 I moved to Rochester, NY, where I worked for a linen company driving truck. April of 1964, I married the girl I had met before going to Spain. We had an instant family, as she had a son and a daughter.

In August of 1964, I went to work for the New York Central Railroad as a brakeman! Became a conductor in 1968 and worked there until 1998, when I had a heart surgery. After my recovery from surgery I then retired.

Sept. of 1965, we purchased 3 acres in the country. After a few years we purchased 5 more acres that joined our land, then bought 1 1/2 acres in front of our property. (Wanted to keep neighbors out.) It didn't work! We then purchased 43 acres that joined our property on one side and around the back!

The years 1966 and 1967, we were blessed with 2 more daughters! From our 4 children, we have 5 grand sons, and 3 granddaughters plus a great granddaughter! Our family is a very important part of our life. We're members of the Lutheran Church. I am a Mason, my wife is in the Eastern Star. We also enjoy golf, and dancing! (Gave up Jazz for Country Music.) As well as motorcycles for tractors and tools! We are enjoying our retirement, but don't know when we had time to work!

God Bless our Armed Forces and all of you!


Upon graduation from Alton High School, Alton, New Hampshire, he entered the United States Air Force on 14 July 1959. Following retirement from military service in Oct 1981, he continued his career with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations in the Career Air Force Civilian Service.

Mr. MacDonald is married to the former Maria del Carmen Blanco Dominguez of Huelva, Spain. They were married 16 July 1963 in Huelva, Spain. They have two sons, two daughters and four grandsons and three granddaughters.

1974, Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Interamerican University, San German, Puerto Rico.
1980, Master of Arts Degree in Counseling Psychology, from Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana.

Military Decorations:
Air Force Meritorious Service Medal
Joint Service Commendation Medal
Air Force Commendation Medal with one Oak Leaf Cluster
Air Force Good Conduct Medal with four Oak Leaf Clusters
Army Good Conduct Medal

Civilian Awards/Decorations
Air Force Outstanding Civilian Service Award
Air Force Exemplary Civilian Service Award
Quality Step Increase 1993
Sustained Superior Performance Awards: 1983, 1984, 1986, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1994, 1996 and 1999

Sep 1959 – Jun 1961, Security Police, Forbes Air Force Base, Kansas
Jun 1961 – Jun 1965, Security Police, Moron Air Base, Spain
Jun 1965 – Feb 1967, Security Police, Pease AFB, New Hampshire
Feb 1967 – Apr 1967, Agent Trainee, Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Detachment 105, Pease AFB, NH
Apr 1967 – Jun 1967, Student (Class 67D), Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Washington, DC
Jun 1967 – Dec 1968, Special Agent, Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Detachment 101, Hartford, Connecticut
Dec 1968 – Sep 1972, Special Agent, Air Force Office of Special Investigations, District 27, Ramey Air Force Base, Puerto Rico
Sep 1972 – Jun 1976, Special Agent, Defense Investigative Service D24PF Field Office, Pensacola, Florida
Jun 1976 – Oct 1981, Special Agent, Counterespionage Branch, Air Force Office of Special Investigations, District 68, Torrejon Air Base, Spain
Oct 1981 – Apr 1982, On contract with District 68, Torrejon Air Base, Spain, Teaching Liaison Methods
Apr 1982 – Jun 1993, Special Agent, Counterintelligence Branch, Air Force Office of Special Investigations District 68, subsequently Detachment 6220, Detachment 537, Torrejon Air Base, Spain
Jun 1993 – Aug 1997, Special Agent in Charge, Air Force Office of Special Investigations Detachment 537, Torrejon Air Base, Spain
Aug 1997 – Apr 2002, Special Agent in Charge, Air Force Office of Special Investigations 53rd Field Investigations Squadron, Operating Location – A, Moron Air Base, Spain

Entered Retirement:
3 Apr 2002 with nearly 43 yearly of US Government Service (nearly 35 of which were with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations)

Temporary Duty Assignments:
Miami, Florida, Seven Palms, Republican National Conference 1968
Chicago, Illinois, Seven Steers, Democratic National Conference 1968
Trinidad, US Virgin Islands, San Juan Puerto Rico, Jamaica 1968-1972
La Paz, Bolivia Jan – Mar 1972
Athens, Greece, Rome, Italy, San Vito Italy, Germany, Naples, Italy, London, United Kingdom, Turkey, Brussels, Netherlands, Portugal, Morocco, During the Period 1976 – 2002

Steve Marston

Served at Zaragoza AB from December 1962 to April 1964, at Moron AB from April 1964 to December 1965.

Graduated from the Air Force as a SSgt September 1968. Took advantage of the GI bill and worked my way up from EAM operations, to computer operations, to programming to systems design to project management to IS management and to hell with it all spent a dozen summers as a fire lookout on the Priest Lake District for the Forest Circus. My son and I went back to Zaragoza to celebrate his 50th. Currently documenting my war stories at www.GeezerFlight.net.

*Editor's note: Steve, being a very good writer with an incredible memory, is currently assisting with this website as the Los Toros website commentator.


I enlisted in the US Air Force in the fall of 1960. After Basic and AP Tech School I was assigned to the 6139th Air Police Squadron at Misawa Air Base, Japan.

I was transferred to Moron Air Base in 1963. I was assigned to the Security Clearance Section of the BDCL office and later worked in the Pass and Registration Section. I also performed many duties for the 3973rd CDS Color Guard.

In the Fall of 1965, I was assigned to Vandenberg Air Force Base in California where I worked in the BDCL office Security Inspection Section. The commanding officer at Vandenberg was Major John R. McFarland and the NCOIC was SMSgt Herman Patton. These names should be recognized by all who attended the 16th Air Force Police Academy.

In August 1968, I was honorably discharged as SSgt after eight years of service. I then attended college to complete my degree. In 1971, I accepted a position as General Manager of a Nursery and Landscape Contracting Firm. The company did very well until the recession of the early eighties. This forced an almost total shutdown of new construction. The business failed.

In the Spring of 1983, I was hired by the Lompoc Unified School District as the Irrigation and Sprinkler Mechanic. This district was rather large, consisting of 20 schools. It’s ironic that I found myself back on Vandenberg AFB some of the time because the district had 5 schools there. I also was active in the California School Employees Association. I served as Chief Job Steward and on the CSEA Contract Negotiation Team. I retired from the LUSD in May 1999.

I married my wife Marilyn at Gibraltar in 1965. She was a teacher at San Pablo Elementary School. After my assignment to Vandenberg, Marilyn was hired as an elementary school teacher by the LUSD. She retired one year after me in June, 2000. We have one son who works for a semi-conductor equipment manufacturer in Silicon Valley.

For those interested, I have a small collection of photos on “Flickr”. They show some Misawa Air Base photos and travel, including Spain:




Wife: Luz Marina

Life after Moron AB brought me to SAC Headquarters as the NCO in charge of the SAC Drill Team and Ceremonial Flight. Then the string of assignments on temporary duty in Vietnam on three assignments in Saigon, and Bien Hoa. Starts out as Combat Intelligence and evolves into where ever you are needed. Generally my assignments were from Forbes AB in Topeka, Kansas. From there Training at Hickham Field, Hawaii and then out to Vietnam.

In January 1970, I began my civilian life at the General Motors Assembly Plant in South Gate, California. This is also where I started my Educational preparation. After 4 years I received my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and was promoted from the Assembly Line to Industrial Engineer. I ventured right into the MBA in International Business. The plant closed one bright Monday morning and I was able to hire on right away at Hughes Helicopter in Culver City California as a Supervisor in Industrial Engineering.

My working travels then took me to Allied Signal Aerospace in International Contracts. I serviced agreements with Germany, and countries in the Far East. During this period of time I found the need for preparation in the field of Procurement and Acquisition Management. I found a Master of Science program for Procurement Officers at the Los Angeles Air Force Station, served by the Northrop Institute of Technology. I completed the Degree in 2 years.

This activity qualified me for an elevation at Boeing Aircraft in Long Beach, California. I was assigned as the International Contracts Administrator for 10 commercial aircraft in a co-production program in Shanghai, China. I concurrently worked this program for 3 years and started my studies for the Doctorate in Public Administration. In the year 2000 I took early retirement and began my teaching career.

Periodically when on vacation I always travel to South America or Europe. Namely Spain (my roots). While in Madrid I met my Wife of today, Luz Marina. She is actually from Colombia and was working in Madrid at the time. We have visited her family in Colombia. A wonderful loving group. Her mother, sisters, and brothers are tremendous. Her brother is a Federal Judge and all of her Nieces and Nephews are in University studies and Law Schools.

We now live in Lake Saint Louis, Missouri and do not plan to leave. After the crowded Los Angeles scene, this new home on an Acre with peace and quiet is just our cup of tea. I work every day with the Vatterott Colleges. We have 20 Campuses that I have to oversee. Once a week I teach my MBA Class at Fontbonne Catholic University. This year we are preparing for Online programs and that takes up a lot of our planning time. Life has been good to us and we enjoy our Catholic faith and give thanks for all every day and every moment. We enjoy helping others ! !


Dan aka Daniel J. Moore LTC (RET)
Dan Moore’s journey from Airman Basic in Army Olive Drab to 74 and hoping for more.

1951 - Left a year of construction work to enlist in the USAF at age 17, just (high school dropout)
1952 - 53   B-26 Fighter Bomber Gunner, Korean Air War, 55 missions
1953 - 54   B-50 Gunner, stateside
1954 - 57   B-36 Gunner and Gunnery instructor, Fairchild AFB, Washington
1957           Briefly, B-52 Gunner and Gunnery instructor (yep, the first models had one)
1957 - 61   NCOIC, Pass & Registration, and Investigator, Zaragoza AB Spain (married the Head Cashier at the BX in 59. Her father was in three wars and earned two Iron Crosses. Her Mom was from the Canary Islands)
1961          Lackland AFB, TX   (Yeehaw!) Officer Candidate School
1961-62    Lackland AFB, TX   (hot, damned hot) AP Officer’s School
1962-63    Offutt AFB, NE        Base Police Officer
1963-66    Zaragoza AB then Moron, Spain Base Police Officer
1966-68    Wurtsmith AFB, MI Chief, Security & Law Enforcement
1969-71     Offutt AFB, NE       SAC IG Team
1971-72     Offutt AFB               SAC Protocol Officer
1971-75     Weisbaden AB - Ramstein Protocol Chief, USAFE
1975-79     Bergstrom AFB, TX  Chief, Security & Law Enforcement
1979           Retired Active Duty, Lt Col
1979-89     Austin. TX Security Director, then VP Customer Service Division Manager, Texas Commerce Bank
1989-99     Scottsdale, AZ        Protective Services Director Scottsdale Princess Resort
2000          Austin, Texas Retired in God’s Country
(Deceased February 2023)

BIOs daniel moore 2008 EDIT

Daniel Moore - 2008

BIOs 2lt moore EDIT shaking hands with president kennedy

LTC Daniel Moore Shaking Hands with President Kennedy